Scholarship Application

The Road to Higher Education Begins Here

At VAMOS, we are devoted to helping graduating high school seniors of the Rio Grande Valley reach the ultimate educational goal. There’s a prevalent financial strain in our community, but with the help of our scholarships, students can fulfill their dreams of getting a college education.

Scholarship Application Checklist

Students looking to apply for a VAMOS Scholarship must have the following items:

  • An official transcript that includes grade point average (GPA), class rank, class size and any relevant test scores, such as the ACT or SAT. This document should be signed or approved by a counselor or other school official
  • Resume of student
  • If SAT/ACT scores are not displayed in the transcript, students must supply a copy of them
  • Income tax return copy
  • A copy of the student’s FAFSA
  • A letter of college financial aid award
  • Letters of recommendation from two individuals, which may include teachers, counselors, principals, etc.
  • Students must be eligible for Pell Grant
  • A typed 600-word essay that will allow our committee a greater understanding of the student. The topics of the essay are:
    • Personal statement
    • What are your academic and career goals?
    • Why do you believe it’s important to obtain a higher education?
    • Did you experience any obstacles or special circumstances that inspired you to pursue a post-secondary education?
    • Closing statement

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